Media Roundtable Event "Reflecting Not Forecasting"


Speaking Events (Either as Panelist or Moderator)

2011:4:00 – 5:30 PM Session 15E Room 29
A Comprehensive Approach to Muslim Harmonious
Participation in the US Mainstream Political Landscape

This session addresses the issue of how and why Muslims should actively participate in off-year and local elections rather than just once every four years in the presidential elections. As Muslims do not constitute a viable majority or large presence in any major metropolitan area, recognition of and support for Muslim causes will only come via active participation in ALL levels of mainstream political activity. Understanding issues that matter to Muslims locally and motivating them to come out to vote is imperative. This session will examine these issues and also identify various tools to motivate Muslim to vote in local elections, including the use of Candidate Forums to educate and stoke interest in Muslims as well as to raise funds for political activity.
Speakers: AJ Durrani, Khurram Wahid, Zerqa Abid, Aziz Mohammed
Moderator: Mehrunisa Qayyum

6/3/2010: Moderator for “Green Energy & Islam” exploring alternative energy industries and its potential by North American Muslims

11/1/09: Political Participation VIA PACs for Community Builders

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